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Your Bridal Clutch Essentials

Your Bridal Clutch Essentials

On your wedding day, your clutch is more than just the perfect accessory to go with your custom wedding dress. It is also one of your best allies. Inside it you can stow away everything you’ll need from sewing kits to your back up lipstick. Here is a list of things every bride should have in their bridal clutch on their special day.

Extra Hair Accessories and Products

Your amazing hair stylist will have worked magic with your hair, but your ceremony, greeting your guests and any unpredictable weather can leave your hair looking less than perfect for your photos. You can never have too many spare bobby pins or hair ties. It is also a great idea to have a tiny can of hair spray and dry shampoo.

Touch Up Makeup

It doesn’t hurt to have your lipstick, some extra mascara and some concealer so you look picture perfect in your custom wedding dress, photos and well on into the night. Make-up wipes and tissues are also a great idea!

A Sewing Kit

It’s amazing how much can be salvaged with a safety pin or a needle and thread. Whether someone has stepped on the hem of your custom wedding dress, or the mother of the bride is having issues with her skirt, a sewing kit is a must have in your bridal clutch.

Medication and Band-Aids

If you are prone to hay fever or you have asthma it is a really good idea to have any necessary medication on you. It’s also a great idea to include some painkillers, just in case. Band-Aids are also a must! Especially if you haven’t had the chance to break in your shoes properly.

Your Signature Scent

It’s such a sweet idea to buy a signature scent for your wedding day, so when you smell that scent again years later, all of your beautiful memories of your custom wedding dress, and your ceremony appear. Keep some deodorant and your signature scent on you so you can reapply if necessary.


Mints, bug spray, tampons, lint roller, fashion tape, cotton buds, spare earring backs.

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