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Taking Care of Your Custom Wedding Dress Before and After Your Special Day

Taking Care of Your Custom Wedding Dress Before and After Your Special Day

Your custom wedding dress is one of your most precious possessions, and this guide will help you keep your dress in excellent condition for years to come.

Before and On Your Wedding Day
  • When transporting your dress, do your best to lay your dress flat along the back seat of the car to avoid folding it or crumpling it.
  • Hang your dress up as soon as you can. The higher the better to ensure the whole dress is off the ground. Avoid hanging your dress on any lights or fans.
  • As much as you want to take out your custom wedding dress and admire it, leave it in the bag, especially when you are hanging it up, so you don’t get any dust or marks on it.
  • Before you steam your gown, make sure the material won’t get damaged. If you have to iron your dress put a pillow case over the material first.
On Your Wedding Day
  • Wait until the last minute to put your custom wedding dress on, especially waiting until your hair and make-up is done.
  • Put your shoes on after you’ve put your wedding dress on, so the heal or any embellishments don’t get caught on the fabric.
  • Have a designated bridesmaid to help you keep your dress off the ground whilst you walk. Rough surfaces like cement and dirt roads will permanently damage the material of your custom wedding dress.
 After Your Wedding

How you store your gown will make an incredible difference.

  • After your wedding have your dress professionally cleaned by a place that specialises in couture gowns and delicate silks and laces.
  • Hang your custom wedding dress by the loops inside the gown, these are designed to hold your gown, compared to delicate sleeve details.
  • Don’t store your dress in plastic bags, boxes or vacuum seal bags. Plastic emits chemicals and overtime can discolour your gown.

Avoid storing your dress in areas of your home that are subject to extreme temperature changes or Brisbane’s high humidity levels.

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