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Table Styling Ideas for your Brisbane reception

Table Styling Ideas for your Brisbane reception

How you style your tables at your reception is one of the many big decisions you’ll make about your special day. Just like your custom wedding dress, your reception styling says a lot about your personality. Here are some of our favourite ways to style you reception tables.


From bouquets to table decorations, greenery is making waves in the wedding industry at the moment. It is the perfect way to add those finishing touches to your wedding reception. Whether it’s hanging from the roof, running along the table, or part of a centre piece on a round table, we love how greenery can create an elegant feel, helping your reception theme tie in perfectly with an elegant custom wedding dress.



Floral decorations have long been a popular choice amongst brides when it comes to table reception styling, but as the years go by brides are getting more and more creative with presentation. We love how these brides have managed to think outside the box and create some fabulous floral arrangements without using standard vases.



If your custom wedding dress has more of a romantic feel, and you want that theme to carry through your ceremony and into your reception candles are the perfect way to add that romantic ambiance. Coming in all different shapes, sizes and colours, candles are also a really easy add in element when it comes to your styling. Coloured candles are very on trend in 2019.


Table runs

Whether they are neatly positioned straight down the middle or placed in an artistically messy fashion, table runs are another way you can bring your styling together. The best part about table runners is the amount of choices you have in terms of different colours and materials.


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