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Bridal Gowns | Wedding Dresses Brisbane | Ella Moda
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Having a wedding gown created for just for you allows a bride to experience the nostalgic, luxurious process of personalised dressmaking, where Ella and her team work with you to realise each detail of your bridal gown.

Your bridal gown is put together piece by piece over a series of fittings which start with a calico toile. Whether you choose to go the bespoke bridal or custom couture route, you are invited to collaborate with the Ella Moda team to create your perfect wedding dress.

As we create each gown in our Brisbane studio, we only take on a number of gown bookings to ensure every bride receives the attention and service she deserves. For this reason we recommend booking in as early as possible, eight to nine months in advance is preferable to avoid disappointment. If your wedding date is closer than that, still get in touch with us to discuss what we can achieve for you.


Choosing a bespoke bridal gown from our collection is the beginning of a wonderful journey and the best way to ensure the perfect fit. We do not make bridal gowns to standard sizing, as no two brides are the same! Each gown is sewn to your exact measurements. Design details within our existing collection can be changed to complement your body shape and personal preferences. To view our current collections, click here.

Bespoke bridal gowns start at $4,500.


Our custom couture design service allows you to gather your vision for your big day. Bring all your reference images and ideas and sit with Ella to create an original design from your inspirations.

Ella and her team have vast experience in interpreting designs, taking an idea and making it a reality that suits you figure, personal taste and style.

Couture gowns start at $5,500.