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Planning to Elope We share the Pros and Cons.

Planning to Elope We share the Pros and Cons.

If you’ve recently become engaged, you may be thinking about different ways to avoid the traditional wedding ceremony and reception style wedding. Eloping opens a world of possibilities to create a wedding that is truly unique to you and your fiancé, which is why we love creating custom wedding dresses for elopements.

Here are some pros and cons we’ve discovered about eloping whilst working with our brides to create their custom wedding dress.

Pros of eloping

Less stress

A smaller scale wedding usually means less stress for the bride planning the wedding. Our brides have shared with us that they feel much more relaxed in the lead up to their big day knowing it will just be them and their fiancé or a small group of nearest and dearest family and friends.

You are free to choose your wedding destination

When it comes to choosing a venue, we usually have to factor in a location that will be easy for people to get to, that will have plenty of accommodation and you may even have to consider if it is child friendly. With an elopement you can go anywhere, so why not jet set to Paris, Santorini or Rome?

Less planning

With a big wedding comes a big list of To Do’s. Even trying to wrangle your bridesmaids to come to agreement on the same dress can be a task. When you elope, all you have to do is organise your custom wedding dress and you’re done!

Cons of eloping


You might regret it. It is exciting, jet setting to another country  with your custom wedding dress in tow, and getting married just the two of you far away from Brisbane. However, once the ceremony is over you may be sad you don’t have your friends and family there to celebrate with you. You can always plan a big party in lieu of a reception when you return home.

You will most likely upset some people

You may find yourself in hot water by creating a situation where people can’t be involved in your wedding. As much as your wedding day is about you, if you don’t want to offend people you may have to reconsider eloping.

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