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How to Match Your Custom Wedding Dress with the Perfect Shoes

How to Match Your Custom Wedding Dress with the Perfect Shoes

Shoes are one of the most important accessories you’ll choose for your gown. With so many styles out there, we Brisbane brides are spoiled for choice, and picking a pair that will work best with your custom wedding dress can seem overwhelming. We hope these suggestions help matching your shoes with your couture gown easier.

Consider the Length of Your Custom Wedding Dress

This will be one of the biggest decision anchors. Will your shoes be visible? Will you need extra height in your heel to assist the overall look of your gown?

To Match or to Contrast?

It’s best to either match the colour of your custom wedding dress to the exact shade or to choose a complete contrasting colour. A close shade won’t do your overall look justice, so be mindful of choosing colours that are “close enough”.

A trend that has emerged over the last few years has seen brides choosing shoes that match the colour of their wedding theme, or choosing blue shoes for your something blue.

Heel Height

If you’re not a fan of high heels, don’t bother wearing them on your wedding day. With Ella’s expertise, no matter your heel’s size or even if you decide to wear ballet flats your custom wedding dress will suit your choice of shoe.

Consider Shoe Embellishments and The Textiles of Your Couture Gown

If you have delicate lace detailing or soft silks within your skirt, you may want to shy away from embellishments that will catch on your gown, like sharp diamantes and crystals.

If you already have your heart set on an encrusted pair of wedding shoes, talk to Ella so she can create your gown in a way that won’t see your filigree catching onto your custom wedding dress.

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