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How to have an on-trend wedding that’s still unique

How to have an on-trend wedding that’s still unique

Most brides are usually planning weddings at the same time as a number of people within their circle. If you’re one of the last brides to get married, it can be hard to keep your wedding on-trend whilst ensuring your wedding still looks different to the other five weddings you’ve attended this year.

So how do you include all your favourite elements whilst also making your wedding unique? We share our tips!

Choose a custom wedding dress

Your wedding dress will be one of the biggest features of the day. As the bride you are the centre of attention, so your custom wedding dress will be as well. Choosing a custom wedding dress means your dress will be completely unique to you and there is no way you’ll run the risk of choosing the same gown as one of the other brides you know.

It’s the little things

Think about the little personality traits that define you and your fiancé. What are your hobbies, your favourite colours, music, movies or TV shows? There are plenty of ways you can incorporate these things in both little ways or big ways throughout the ceremony, decorations or wedding favours. These travel themed favours, or these origami birds are a perfect example.

Incorporate your culture

Depending on how connected you are to your culture, your wedding may already be centred around its traditions. If not, you may want to research your heritage to discover ways your culture has celebrated marriage over time. You can then incorporate the bits of culture you feel most connected to. You can also find ways to incorporate your culture into the design of your custom wedding dress.

Have a winter wedding

Despite experiencing mild winters in Brisbane, not many people opt for winter weddings. A winter wedding opens whole new themes to explore, including different colour pallets and unique seasonal flowers and foods. Your wedding look will also be very different to that of a Summer or Spring wedding, perhaps you will incorporate sleeves into your custom wedding dress or accessorise with a luxurious faux fur.

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