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How to choose a Brisbane videographer

How to choose a Brisbane videographer

If you want to ensure the memories of your custom wedding dress live on for ever, having a videographer as well as a photographer is a great idea. Choosing a videographer can be a process, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one.


If you find a videographer follow them on their social media and take a look at their website. Make sure you read their About Us page to learn a little about how they got started, their experience and what they love about creating wedding films. Also check out their testimonials and their Google Reviews.


One of the easiest ways to figure out which style of wedding film you like is to watch different videos from different videographers. This will also help you eliminate any videographers from your contenders list.

Consider their point of difference

Consider what else a videographer might be offering you. Are they willing to meet you before the big day to discuss your vision? Your wedding should be as unique to you as your custom wedding dress, so you want to make sure they’re willing to sit down and have a chat with you before the big day.

Do they provide a reasonable turn around time? With the amount of editing that goes into a wedding video it’s not unusual to be waiting 6-12 weeks depending on the package being presented to you. Choose a company who is upfront about their turn around time.

Are there two videographers as part of the package or is it a solo videographer? Two is always better than one when it comes to videography. Whilst one is filming the main event, the other could be capturing the finer details, like your custom wedding dress hanging in the window or pretty aspects of your venue that help encapsulate the overall theme of the day.

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