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Creating your signature wedding cocktail

Creating your signature wedding cocktail

There are so many ways to add personal touches to your wedding, from having a custom wedding dress created to incorporating signature cocktails, you can ensure your wedding is unique to you.

There are a few ways you can go about creating your signature cocktail, here are our tips!

Ask your venue for help or advice

You can ask your venue to help you! Some venues will already have a signature cocktail package included or will allow you to add signature cocktails to your package. If this is the case, the bar tenders at your venue will be able to help you create a signature cocktail from scratch using your favourite liquors, mixes and garnishes.

Speak to a mixologist

If your venue outsources bar staff and you won’t get the chance to meet with the bar staff until the night, you can have a mixologist create a signature cocktail for you. You can find mixologists for hire online, or you can chat to mixologist at your favourite restaurants and bars where you know you can rely on their skills to offer you expert advice.

Take yourself and your bridal party to a cocktail making class in Brisbane

Another way you can create your signature cocktail is by grabbing your close girls (perhaps the same group you brought to your custom wedding dress appointments), your fiancé or maybe your entire bridal party and head to a cocktail making class. If everyone hasn’t met yet, this could be a fun way to get to know each other but you can also have a hand in creating your signature cocktail yourself! If you google cocktail classes in Brisbane, you’ll find a few different ones to choose from.

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