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Common Mistakes Brides Make When Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

Common Mistakes Brides Make When Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

Finding your dress should be one of the most memorable moments of your life, however not every bride looks back on shopping for their wedding dress and smiles. This blog will share some common mistakes brides make when shopping for their wedding dress, in the hopes that you’ll be able to avoid making them.

Wedding Dress Shopping Faux Pas One

The number one mistake that brides make is bringing too many people along with them. Too many people mean too many opinions, and this can result in one overwhelmed and confused bride. Your wedding day is about you, and you will be the one wearing your dress so make sure you keep your entourage to a small group of people whose opinions you trust and value.

Wedding Dress Shopping Faux Pas Two

Attending each appointment without an open mind. Your stylist understands that you have been dreaming of this day since you were small but closing yourself off to other options may mean you may miss out and cause yourself unnecessary stress. With so many bridal designs available to us, it just makes sense to be open to the world of possibilities rather than one style or colour.

Wedding Dress Shopping Faux Pas Three

Forgetting to make an appointment with your desired atelier. Making an appointment ensures you get the dedicated attention you deserve when searching for your wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Shopping Faux Pas Four

Thinking that you have to travel to Melbourne, Sydney or go overseas to find a glamorous custom couture wedding gown. Ella Moda creates beautiful custom wedding dresses, right here in Brisbane and we also have a stunning bespoke collections.

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