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A Bespoke Wedding Dress or A Custom Wedding Dress? Which Will Suit You Best.

A Bespoke Wedding Dress or A Custom Wedding Dress? Which Will Suit You Best.

We’ve mentioned it before but choosing your wedding dress is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding. With so many styles out there and other factors to include, the best way to start is asking yourself “Do I want a custom wedding dress, or a bespoke wedding dress?”
A few factors may contribute to your decision:

Personal preference

It will really come down to your personal preference. Would you rather a custom wedding dress made just for you? Or have you already fallen in love with a design, but want to change the style of the design slightly to better match your personal taste?


Custom wedding dresses take time. Your materials can be sourced from around the world and in some cases your materials will need to be custom made specifically for your wedding dress. It is best to give yourself at least 12-9 months when ordering a custom wedding dress.


Where you are getting married can play a big part in what you need your dress to look like or how you need it to be styled. If you are getting married in winter and heading to a cold destination, you might struggle to find the right wedding dress to keep you warm that also meets your personal style. Choosing a custom wedding dress will help you tick both boxes.

Not knowing where to start

When you aren’t sure where to start, finding a wedding dress can seem very overwhelming. It’s a great idea to try a few gowns on to get a feel for different styles. You may find one from a collection you like, which can then be tailored to suit your style and your figure.

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